Unable to Generate MOTD on New Install

Installing latest distro from USB and it looks like it installs fine but when login to root there is a Unable to Generate MOTD error
The /usr/sbin/fwconsole file is not accessible

any ideas?

I had this same issue last week with both USB and CD ROM iso install. The way I finally got a proper installation was;

  1. change boot order settings in BIOS and startup to ‘Legacy’ and not ‘AHCI’ mode.
  2. change storage device (ie- hard drive) type from SATA RAID1 emulation to IDE in the bios.

After those changes, FreePBX made a RAID1 installation via their software and was error free.

I’m doing the install on a NUC, I don’t have those options.

Yes, you should be able to change those settings in NUC bios (press F2 to enter bios). Under Boot tab>Boot Config>uncheck UEFI boot and check Legacy boot. Under Devices & Peripheals tab>USB>check USB legacy. Under Devices & Peripheals tab>SATA>Chipset SATA Mode>select IDE.

Thank you, I think my problem is the i219-v ethernet not supported in centOS.