Unable to find asterisk results

After rebooting the FreePBX server running on the main dashboard in the summary window the asterisk field has a flame icon and when hovered over say “unable to find asterisk results”

Rebooted because users were reporting random calls dropping.

Any ideas out there?

I’ve seen that message in the dashboard before. Doesn’t mean asterisk is not running, just that the dashboard is unable to see it for whatever reason.

After hours you can run fwconsole restart and it should show correctly in the dashboard. At least that’s fixed it for me in the past when I’ve seen that message.

To be clear, asterisk was working for me in the past even with that message present in the dashboard.

Other (related?) issue - can’t update sangoma-pbx.noarch from 2203.2.sng7 to 2306-1.sng7. Get an AJAX broken error from GUI. yum update and yum update sangoma-pbx.noarch return no packaged marked for update.

Thanks! That did indeed fix the dashboard issue :slight_smile: First time in 20 years I’ve seen that particular warning.

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