Unable to find asterisk results in Freepbx

when I restore the system FreePBX, while in the system status appear this error. who can help me. thank you.

icons of flames. and to install PHP in FreePBX statictis

Mouse-Over the flames and it says ‘Asterisk is not running’. Start asterisk.

With the other error, install php-mbstring. Like it says.

I run asteisk such as guided in http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/amportal+commands wed. but can not take the flame symbol. Or if I did something wrong. you can get specific instructions not.
thank you.

thank you. I have done it takes symbolic flame.
you can let me ask one thing okay? I make is when I use the internet ZoIPer call from the sound and only receive calls from pc case into mobile was not vice-versa, using the intranet is not heard in the 2 schools co. open port 5060 and opens RTP 10000-2000 (print FreePBX).
13 asterisk
FreePBX 12