Unable to enable/disable codecs on Asterisk SIP Settings or Asterisk IAX Settings Pages

I have a least 8 PBXs that are all running version 2.11 of Freepbx and 1.8 asterisk. I have updated all the modules to the latest available and they are all updated to the latest track available (Some are on different tracks). However, on all of them I’m unable to check any additional codecs or uncheck currently checked codecs. It allows me to change their positions, but since I can’t check the codecs it doesn’t save their positions. I’ve tried this on Safari, Firefox and IE (thought it might be a browser issue), but all of them display the same behavior. Any ideas what could be wrong?

This was fixed back in March with FREEPBX-7251 and I’ve verified it’s part of the latest Framework release (

Can you verify you have the following in your script.legacy.js file located in /var/www/html/admin/assets/js/

        //style all sortables as menu's
	$('.sortable').menu().find('input[type="checkbox"]').parent('a').click(function(event) {
    if ($(event.target).is(':checkbox')) {
      return true;
		var checkbox = $(this).find('input');
		checkbox.prop('checked', !checkbox[0].checked);
		return false;

If you do have the above code and are still having the issue, can I get the version number of the framework and sipsettings modules you are using?

Okay, I only have access to one of the boxes at the moment, but I did verify that the code was in the script.legacy.js file. My PBX firmware is 5.211.65-14, the framework version is The IAX settings module is and the SIP Settings module is To be clear I cannot uncheck or check codecs on either module. I can drag to re order checked modules and they will save the new position.

@jermsmingy, Keep an eye on FREEPBX-7251 as it appears there is still an issue. In the meantime if you can’t click on the checkboxes, you can click on the codec name and that should trigger the check/uncheck.

Will do, I didn’t realize you could click on the codec name that works. Thanks for the help.