Unable to edit Vega gateway extensions in FreePBX Vega Gateway Management tab

FreePBX version 12.7.6-1904-1.sng7
Vega 3000 gateway version VEGAARM_R120S009

I am unable to add an extension to the existing configuration using the Vega Gateway Management tab.
The extensions are listed but cannot select one to add it. Seems to be grayed out.
This happens in Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox. I am able to manage the Vega 3000 from its own GUI fine from any of the browsers. I am unable to get FreePBX to sync what I manually set up in the Vega GUI. This all worked previously as what is configured is in production.

Hi @Chuckak are you able to configure any extension or does all extensions are greyed out ? May be worth to check the driver configuration if its chan_sip or pjsip ? as we display extension depends on driver selection.

" I am unable to get FreePBX to sync what I manually set up in the Vega GUI." ->
Please note that, FreePBX Vega GW management module push the configuration to Vega , it will not sync the configuration.


I went back in to test if it was all extensions. I opened another Vega 60G by accident and it exhibits the same issue. All of the the Vegas are set to chansip. So I tested another and it is the same too. I am unable to write the configuration of any of them back to the Vegas as they all complain about duplicate extensions (there is not) Looks like the FreePBX updates have hosed this part of the configuration. I cannot make any changes to the existing working configurations.

I have opened Ticket ID: 896060 to attempt to resolve this as I need to get these FAX machines operational

Still have the issue. Unable to edit Vega configuration and write it back to the Vega in the management module.

We (the rest of the user community) aren’t going to be able to help you at all. This is a commercial/Sangoma package and they’re going to have to get it going for you.


Kapil Gupta, who wrote all or part of the module software has already been working with me on this.
When I have the full answer I will post the results.

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