Unable to direct dial conference/paging extensions

I have my IVR’s setup so that I can use direct dial of extensions. It works well for calling individual endpoints, but if I dial a conference or paging extension, the call drops. I’m able to dial these numbers from the endpoints just fine, and our conference room IVR connects to the rooms fine as well. What should I look at first here?

Direct dial only works for extensions. You can edit the extensions_custom file and under the custom contexts of your ivr to put the proper dialplan to guide the calls to the conference rooms or paging extensions that you want. The more user friendly approach is to make custom extensions from the extensions page and as a dial string to put something like that


Cool, this makes sense. I can likely add an IVR entry to accomplish some of this on our private number as well. Thank you!

Well this will also work but it will be kinda clunky, especially if you have many destinations. If not use this method.