Unable to dial out. OK if VoIP to VoIP w/in intranet

Hello Y’all!

We are a small company running two offices both using FreePBX on RedHat linux servers. This morning, office out of Minnesota reported having the problem of not being able to make any calls outside our intranet.

In other words, if they call our Miami office, they get through; if they call a regular line or cell phone, nothing.

We contacted their local phone service provider (T1) and they said that the T1 is up.

I am left with the problem and without any idea of how to troubleshoot this. I rebooted Asterisk/FreePBX using the GUI interface admin option. I also shutdown server and recycled power … still having the same problem.

I wonder:

  1. How can I troubleshoot this?
  2. What do yo think the root cause may be?
  3. What would you suggest I do?

Your suggestions will be appreciated.


Has anything changed with your outbound route configuration? Check: FreePBX>Setup>Outbound Routes
Has your trunk changed? Check : FreePBX>Setup>Trunks

Jay Scherrer
Sip:[email protected]

Are these Zap trunks or SIP or IAX2? There are any number of things that could be causing this.