Unable to designate an outbound Caller ID - Voipo

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I have FreePBX set up with Voipo. All inbound and outbound calls work fine. However, I am not able to designate an outbound Caller ID (my main number on all correspondence). I have 2 scenarios:

  1. I have placed the outbound Route ID in brackets, without brackets, with and without a 1 before the number (USA). I have done this at the extension, outbound route (my preferred), and trunk level. All calls still go out with the Voipo number.

  2. I have gone into the Voipo control panel online and entered a verified external number. It allows me to send all calls with my non-Voipo number. However, I am not able to send my Voipo number out (in FreePBX setup) for E911. Voipo’s E911 service requires the Voipo number in the Caller ID.

Any help would be appreciated. I am not well knowledged in Linux.

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