Unable to Delete ARI recorded calls

Hey guys, Im running version 2.9.

When i login to ARI/Call Monitor Ive got all these recorded calls, after im done downloading them i select them and click delete but nothing happens.

However, if I do a CHMOD 755 on /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/*.wav then I will delete them.

My question is, how do i solve this issue, i dont want to use a cron job to chmod every couple of Hrs.

thanks in advanced!

This has been discussed before. It has to do with how you are running Asterisk. If you run Ssterisk as root, FreePBX can’t delete the recordings (because it runs as “asterisk”). You need to run Asterisk as the Asterisk user, and not as root.

I can’t recall how you accomplish this, but it has been discussed here before and a Google search should turn it up.

If you’re running AsteriskNOW, that would explain it. For some reason, AsteriskNOW runs Asterisk as root instead of as the “asterisk” user. I’d suggest another Distro, like PBX In A Flash or the FreePBX Distro.

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately I cannot scratch the install because its on production. I am using AsteriskNow

there’s got to be a work around.