Unable to Customize Voicemail Feature Codes

FreePBX 2.11 Feature Codes continues to revert back to default upon “Submit Changes” when unchecking “Use Default?” box and entering a desired code or even just disabling the feature. It keeps resetting it to enabled or to the default settings. (grrrr)

If someone could please confirm this is intentional and if so the reason why? This will be a determining factor of whether or not we continue with FreePBX front end.

Thank you for your time in responding.

Sounds like a bug to me. Open a bug report.

We are using Elastix which includes the FreePBX interface ( are using widely our own feature codes and never found any problems. Maybe a regression on 2.11 version ? It is surely not intentional.

Done; and yes, 2.10 allowed for customizations to the Voicemail Feature Codes. It appears as though all other codes are receptive to change. It is just the 3 Voicemail codes that are resisting.

Thank you so much, gentlemen! :slight_smile:

I just tested on 2.11 and can change any feature code including VM>

on 2.8 we have modified one of the voicemail codes. Works fine.

Thanks for your time. I’ve just added to the other customizations we have.

Dysmas - we never had any issues until 2.11. All other versions worked fine.

Well nobody here can replicate your issue on 2.11

Just an update on this. It was a threshold as I suspected (because of all the time conditions I have to enter for our holidays for each department…uhhhg…and recordings, of course).

To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini. (At your own risk, of course.)

This parameter doesn’t “appear” to have been set in previous versions. Hence, not presented until we attempted to upgrade.

I’m working with TreadingWater and I’ve rebuilt our setup in VirtualBox and I can’t repo it (and another issue we discovered). The suspicion now is that some config import clobbered something rather low level. So now we’re off to reinstalling on hardware and being a little more careful/patient in config import to see where the error might have been introduced, whether it was fat fingered or a bug. So we might be back but hopefully with much more specific details.

Thanks for the responses!

Thank you to Andrew and Tony for solving the mystery! FreePBX does not touch php.ini, so you just have to keep an eye on your PHP upgrades.

Well FreePBX can not touch that file. I know in our Distro we manage that file but based on your PHP version you can not be using the FreePBX Distro or your got your own PHP RPMS.