Unable to Connect to Asterisk after Scheduled Update

It is becoming very common for our systems to go down after scheduled updates. Checking the systems you see that they are unable to connect to Asterisk. While it is a simple fix via command line or a reboot it still causes headaches for the end user. Any idea why this might be occurring? Thanks

FreePBX13 and Asterisk13

The latest 13 Distro update includes a Linux kernel update to address the dirty cow vulnerability. Some packages are compiled for a specific kernel, but the new kernel doesn’t run until the system is rebooted so the potential exists for issues. A reboot should fix.

I think it would be cool if there was a way to remind people about stuff like this. Just an idea.

True. While I understand a reboot is a fix if you have hundreds of systems out there and you want to utilize the automatic updates that becomes more of a headache. I suppose in that situation automatic updates just aren’t a good idea.