Unable to connect from work, but home yes?


I need help!

I’m trying to connect to my hosted freepbx server. The issue is I can’t connect from work. But I can from any other networks… Does it make any sense to one of you guys.

I have no idea what may have changed. It was working fine a couple days ago and changed all of a sudden.

Thank for the help!

fail2ban ?

check sysadmin > intrusion detection

Does your work network allow for the required ports to pass their routers? Most businesses do not open random ports they do not need, it is a security issue otherwise. I would consult with your work IT and ask if they allow the ports and work from that point on.

Try an IAX softphone like zoiper. Doesn’t require as many ports. Need to create a IAX extension or reconfig your existing one. Wish more desktop phones supported IAX.

Your work probably blocks the traffic going out over their router for security reasons.

Ok so I’m in charge of the network, Which ports should I open to allow the traffic. Also, I have Fail2Ban, but it looks like it’s off. What else could I do to make sure it is not intruding.

UDP 5060
UDP 10000 - 20000
and if you plan to use IAX
UDP 4569

Also you say Hosted Freepbx? If it’s internet facing having Fail2Ban turned off is a really bad idea!
Long complex passwords and fail2ban to blacklist Brute force Bots is essential unless you want Someone making free calls at your expense! :smile:


Alright, I fixed the problem. I have added my work ip address to the whitelist. But when I try to use fail2ban and turn it on. It loads a couple seconds and keeps saying stopped… Any Idea?

check your syslog to see what errors during startup…

tail -f /var/log/messages

Ok, when you say Fail2Ban, is that intrusion detection in system admin?

yes… It’s the thing that after x-incorrect logins it blacklists that ip