Unable to Configure Cisco SPA514G Using Endpoint Manager

After trying and failing to configure a Cisco SPA514G manually, I gave up and purchased the Endpoint Manager. However, I am still unable to configure this phone. I’ve made several attempts.

First, I reset the phone to factory defaults.

Then, I connect to the phone using a web browser, and configure the User ID (202), the Password (The Secret for Extension 202), the Display Name, the SIP Port (5160), and the Proxy (the IP Address of my server). When I save the changes, the phone reboots.

After rebooting, the phone displays the correct extension (202), but when I press the Line 1 button, the phone displays either “Line 1 202 Failed (No Response)”, “Line 1 202 Not Registered (No Response)”, or “Line 1 202 Failed Authenticate”

For what it’s worth, I have successfully configured a Snom 821, so I believe my FreePBX is working.

I really didn’t need the Endpoint Manager if it’s not going to make it any easier to get my phones configured.


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Thanks for the pointer. It looks like the Cisco is now working. I still have some problems, but I’ve made progress.

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