Unable to change asterisk version

Please, select the Asterisk Version to change to : 4/usr/local/sbin/asterisk-version-switch: line 101: FW: unbound variable

Regardless of which asterisk option I choose the same message appears. I found line 101 in the file it mentions

if [[ ${action[${fwversion}]} = "block" ]]; then
			echo; echo 
			echo -e "\t\e[1m${r}The selected Asterisk version ${w}${ver} ${ext}${r} is not supported on the installed PBX version.\e[0m"
			echo -e "\n\e[41m${b}${msg[${fwversion}]}\e[0m\n"
			sleep 5

Having the same issue. I just upgraded from FreePBX 15 to 16, then tried to upgrade Asterisk from 16 to 18 and am getting the same response.

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