Unable to call local extensions - dialparties.agi?


Can’t call local extensions, calling external trunks works fine/

Using Redhat CentOS release 5 (Final)), FreePBX version: (2.4.0), Kernel version: (Linux s.prodmag.ru 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5.centos.plusxen #1

Here is aoutput with AGI debug. Please expalin what is wrong.

Call from SIP/120 to SIP/100, both extesnsions cal dial external trunk.

dialparties.agi: Starting New Dialparties.agi
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/manager.conf’: Found
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/manager_additional.conf’: Found
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf’: Found
== Manager ‘admin’ logged on from
dialparties.agi: Caller ID name is ‘Mikhail Kapyrin’ number is '120’
dialparties.agi: USE_CONFIRMATION: 'FALSE’
dialparties.agi: RINGGROUP_INDEX: ''
dialparties.agi: Methodology of ring is ‘none’
– dialparties.agi: Added extension 100 to extension map
– dialparties.agi: Extension 100 cf is disabled
– dialparties.agi: Extension 100 do not disturb is disabled
> dialparties.agi: extnum 100 has: cw: 0; hascfb: 0 [] hascfu: 0 []
> dialparties.agi: ExtensionState: 0
dialparties.agi: Extension 100 has ExtensionState: 0
– dialparties.agi: Checking CW and CFB status for extension 100
– dialparties.agi: dbset CALLTRACE/100 to 120
– dialparties.agi: Filtered ARG3: 100
dialparties.agi: Array
dialparties.agi: (
dialparties.agi: [code] => 520
dialparties.agi: [result] =>
dialparties.agi: [data] => Invalid command syntax. Proper usage follows:
dialparties.agi: Usage: SET PRIORITY
dialparties.agi: Changes the priority for continuation upon exiting the application.
dialparties.agi: The priority must be a valid priority or label.
dialparties.agi: )
== Manager ‘admin’ logged off from
– AGI Script dialparties.agi completed, returning 0
– Executing [s@macro-dial:4] NoOp(“SIP/120-b7802f98”, "Returned from dialparties with no extensions to call and DIALSTATUS: ") in new stack

and finally -
– Executing [s@macro-hangupcall:11] Hangup(“SIP/120-b7802f98”, “”) in new stack