Unable to Bulk Import Phones

I have tried every which way to bulk import the csv file to the sangoma portal for Phones. I am getting Error Importing. Is there an issue right now with bulk importing.

Usually the logs will be a bit more clear on what is wrong with the file, if there is something wrong with it.

Thats the issue is there is no logs. Its the online portal. I have tried many different ways to get it to import. When i upload the file it shows me all the settings from my CSV file then i click import and it just says Error Importing on all the lines. @lgaetz

I think you are all misunderstanding what I am saying. lol

SANGOMA PORTAL not the PBX. This is for the Redirection service.

Did you follow the example you can export? what happens is you import the example file?

I’m not sure of a way for us to help you troubleshoot this. I’d suggest a ticket so that someone that Sangoma can look at “their” logs and see what’s failing on your upload. Another approach would be for you to post the first line of the upload so we can see what columns you are uploading - perhaps one of the headings is misspelled or you are missing a critical column heading.

These will be system logs. It will for sure say what is wrong with the file, but not exactly the reason. It could say something like syntax error, or malformed document, etc.

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