"Unable to authenticate with the UCP Node Server"

UCP node server is installed and working correctly. The minute I install Conference Pro, I start receiving the “Unable to authenticate…” error message. Uninstalling Conference Pro resolves the issue.

This is not being tracked in JIRA because it’s not a bug. You are getting that message because you can’t connect to the node server. Either because of network issues or something else.

I said uninstall it because it wasn’t working for you. Conferences pro activates the node server. Of either is uninstalled the message won’t occur.

You need to check your ports and firewall and make sure everything is happily running.

Thanks Andrew. It wasn’t clear that the UCP server was only activated when Conference Pro was installed since the UCP still showed the “Connecting…” banner on the top when refreshed. That led me to believe it was connecting to the UCP Node Server.

I believe my firewall and network is configured properly. Running wireshark on my computer, I can observe incoming and outgoing traffic to the FreePBX server on port 8001. I can also see the authentication happening in the UCP logs (snippet below)

Do you have any suggestions for what else could be causing the issue? I also occasionally see an “xhr poll” error message.

Starting FreePBX...FreePBX is Ready!
Asterisk version is: 13.7.1
Loading all UCP Modules...
Server up and running at 8001 port
Token [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] from: x.x.x.50 was accepted
Token [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] from: x.x.x.50 was accepted


You should open a ticket up with commercial support as I am unfortunately out of ideas. They can connect to your system whereas I can not.