"Unable to authenticate with the UCP Node Server"

“Unable to authenticate with the UCP Node Server” began appearing to all users in UCP after updates yesterday

You need to update ucpnode server

How would you do it? It’s listed as ver 13.0.22, latest

Are you on edge?..

No, not on edge. Conferences pro installed with the update yesterday, I disabled it (looks like UCP node functions with CP and XMPP) and the error went away. Probably a cert error?

UCP node does not rely on XMPP or Conferences Pro.

“Functions with” and “Rely’s on” are two very different things.

The FreePBX wiki entry references both of those modules as “supported” by ucpnode. Simply disabling conferences pro resolved the notification error all of the users were getting in UCP.


What modules are supported?
XMPP - Automatic login and real time chat and contact management
Conferences Pro - Allows conference status to be seen real time (including talking statuses)

UCP node does not require conferences pro or xmpp. It works if those modules aren’t even on the system.

Disabling conferences pro didn’t do anything except not ucpnode is not used so why not just uninstall it.

All conferences pro and xmpp do are attempt to login. Since your issue with with login in and the issue is fixed with the newest edge release of ucpnode you’ll just have to wait until then.

So is ucpnode server 13.0.22 the latest or does it need to be upgraded?

The latest version is 13.0.27

Having the same issue and the latest version available from the module admin is installed and reads:
UCP Node Server 13.0.22 Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation Commercial Enabled and up to date.

As previously stated this is resolved in 13.0.27. It’ll be broken in 13.0.22 because it’s fixed in 13.0.27

As previously stated the only one available from the module admin is the 13.0.22. Where can I obtain the 13.0.27?

It’s an edge release.

we have 13.0.29 and are getting “Unable to authenticate with the UCP Node Server” when ever we log into UCP…what are we missing?

I’m experiencing this same issue with UCP and Conference Pro. UCP was working fine on our system with no UCP Node Server errors. As soon as I purchased and installed Conference Pro, I am now seeing the red banner “Unable to authenticate with UCP Node Server”.

Disabling Conference Pro resolves the issue, although this isn’t a viable solution as I have paid for the module and would like to use it.

User Control Panel - 13.0.35
UCP Node Server - 13.0.31
Conference Pro - 13.0.23

You need to install ucp node server. Start it and then open the ports for it to connect.

It sure does! Thank you!

Or uninstall ucp node server.

So, are you saying that UCP Node Server and the Conference Pro module are not compatible?

I’d really like to use Conference Pro, but uninstalling UCP Node Server doesn’t sound like the best way to fix the problem. Is this issue being tracked in JIRA?