Unable to add initial User Manager User

New system. Extension users are NOT going to be in User Manager.

But I need to setup a user to be the Fax Destination.

How do I do that?

I got around this by going to a random extension, creating a linked user, and then unlinking it.

Then I could go in and edit that user and select add user to create my new users.

This is a silly stupid thing.

Is there an issue on this already? If not I’ll go make one.

It looks like you are asking how to create a userman user. Select a directory first from the drop down menu.


That is not intuitive at all.

Looking at that screen, I assume that drop down is a filter. But I don’t want to filter.

I see your workflow thoughts based on that link, but it is very much not intuitive to me.

If you don’t find it intuitive, others won’t either. Perhaps the add button should be visible but greyed out until a directory is chosen. Feel free to file a feature request.

Will do.

Issue created.

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Both the Add and Delete user buttons work a little differently in the new version of User Management published to edge earlier today:


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