Unable to add extensions to fresh 6.12.65-20 install

I have installed a fresh version of freepbx 6.12.65-20 on a box that was running elastix but the hdd failed. After the installation I am unable to add any extensions. Whenever I try to add any it appears to succeed until I apply the changes. I then get the following error;

Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1
exit: 1
found language dir en_UK for broadcast, not installed on system, skipping
found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skipping
[FATAL] Unable to load configuration due to extension count being less than available

They are currently forwarding all calls from the SIP trunk to a cell phone and are completely overloaded. I really need to get this up and running ASAP.

How did you install the real Freepbx ? And I hope you realize that you can only succesfully forward one active call to a cell phone, the rest will get voicemail or if flooded, just dropped by the cell phone carrier.

I installed it using a live disc and a USB disc drive. Yes, I realize this. That’s why I need to get it fixed ASAP. It was installed using the standard installation and asterisk 11.

There is more to the above error message. Please post the full context.

If I clicked on “more info” on the error message, that info is all that it gave me. Am I looking in the wrong place?

@joelwhrs, Do you have a /etc/schmooze/license-[deploymentid].zl file? If so can you please provide me with the output of the following:

cat /etc/schmooze/license-*.zl | grep deploy_type

Hmmmm. It is saying “deploy_type = PBXact”

I’m assuming this is my problem?

@joelwhrs, That is going to be why you are receiving the error you are. Did you do a backup/restore or have any PBXact systems?

I do not even have any PBXact systems. I did just finish removing the license file, creating a new deployment with the correct specifications, and re-register the system. It now appears to work.

I now have only one other problem. I purchased the endpoint manager module for that deployment and need that transferred to my new deployment. I assume I will have to contact customer service for that.

@joelwhrs, Yes you would need to open a ticket via support.schmoozecom.com

@joelwhrs how did you register your system originally that it set it up as PBXact. That should not ever happen so trying to figure out how that happened.

I believe it was auto-generated.

@joelwhrs, Thanks for the information. Based on what you provided we were able to track down and resolve the issue you were seeing.

Thanks so much for your help. I believe everything is now working as it should.