Unable to add an extension to sangoma connect

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Hi, we are running FPBX v15.0.17.34, with Asterisk 16.17.0 (standard FPBX distro)
We have sangoma endpoint manager, latest version
and we are trying to use sangoma connect 15.0.21
All modules are up to date, and all RPMs are up to date

Sangoma connect is running, and has the 2-user trial licence.
When we try to enable a user for sangoma connect via usermanager we get the following error:

The following error(s) were detected

  • This user/extension has an Extension Mapping in Endpoint Manager (EPM) AND you are running an old version of EPM. You must either upgrade Endpoint Manager to current OR remove the Extension Mapping entry for this user/extension and re-add it after Sangoma Connect has been enabled

For more information about this issue please see: https://wiki.sangoma.com/display/CONNECT/Technical+Details

We ARE running the latest EPM and the user does NOT have an endpoint mapping, its a new PJSIP extension that we have created.

So why cant I enable it??

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