Unable to Access UCP

Hi there,
I’ve created a h t t p s://hub.docker.com/r/tiredofit/freepbx of FreePBX 14 w/Asterisk 14 and all functions are working fine with the exception of the UCP. I have the latest NodeJS (8.9.0) and have installed PM2 and then the ucp module and all seems to be installed - with pm2 starting alongside of the node app. When I attempt to visit the UCP I am prompted with my username and password, however upon entering anything it simply freezes.

I can see that there have been ports 8001 and 8003 opened when node starts, yet I cannot access them.

ucp_log shows the following:

  CDRDBTYPE: 'mysql' }
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Starting FreePBX...2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: FreePBX is Ready!
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Asterisk version is: 14.6.2
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Loading all UCP Modules...
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: 	Loading...conferencespro.js
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: 	Loading...ucphelloworld.js
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: 	Loading...xmpp.js
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Done!
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Server up and running at 8001 port
2017-11-07 06:45 -08:00: Secure Server up and running at 8003 port

Has anyone some pointers so that I can get this up and running for others to also benefit from?

Docker Image contains:
Debian Stretch, Nginx, PHP-FPM 5.6, Asterisk 14, Node 8.9.0.

If it freezes then there is a javascript error. Look at the javascript console for more information

Sorry for the delay in response, have a few other things on the go. I went back to look at the Debug Console, and indeed correct there seems to be an issue with loading some of the assets.

migrateWarn https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:13:329 bind https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:35:276 a.jPlayer.keys https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:904:5888 <anonymous> https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:904:5927 <anonymous> https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:904:75 <anonymous> https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:904:2 Forbidden: ajaxRequest declined jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:2959:225 ready/</< https://my.hostname.com/ucp/assets/js/compiled/main/jsphpg_d2f864daa205cb19f2e03af5f40aae90.js:2959:225

I went looking around the filesystem and couldn’t find the file in question, any advice on how the app is built so I can trigger the asset building process?

EDIT. I removed and readded UCP and now the assets/js/compiled/main is populated. It is still throwing errors in the Console, with Forbidden: Ajax Request Declined yet I can click the .js files and they load in the debugger (Migrate, and so on).