Unable to access the server on web browser

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Hi Guys, Please assist , I have just installed the the freepbx 16 on cloud server , configured the server firewall to open ports , but still unable to access on the web browser interface

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

There is no FreePBX 16. What distro did you use to install, if any? What firewall are you talking about? Assume that nobody here knows what you are doing (which is largely true).

(Senzo) #3

Sorry Sir for poor explanation, Thank you for the reply, I have installed from Centos 7 , Asterisk-16.18.


asterisk doesn’t come with a web interface, you need FreePBX for that.

(Senzo) #5

i do have freePBX installedimage


How exactly did you install your system. From gwhat source on what hardware using what network access?

(Senzo) #7

I have gone through and followed below the steps

Installed from the cloud server oerating system : centos 7 , via ssh putty

(Jared Busch) #8

Do you actually know what you are doing with Asterisk? With FreePBX?

If not, then don’t do what you are doing.

Use the distro release not a roll your own.

(Dave Burgess) #9

A different way to say that would be “Experienced user can benefit from the freedom of a ‘roll your own’ FreePBX experience, but new users or casual administrators often find that the Distro version, with it’s coordinated module controls, is a more effective and efficient solution.”

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