Unable to access my server

I’m completely locked out of my server. Can’t get to it ether from the webgui or ssh. I have about 10 sec access (before the firewall is started) after that I’m locked out. What’s going on? Have I been hacked?

BTW, the server is freepbx 15…

I’ve managed to reboot the firewall twice to suppress the firewall from starting up. I’m able to ssh to the server. But the webgui is still not accessible. The phone system is working but I can’t get to the webgui. I need help!

I pointed the browser to the server and I’m getting this message:
You don’t have permission to access /.noindex.html on this server.

I’ve managed to regain the access by manually restart the server with fwconsole restart command
I don’t really know what’s going on. I rebooted the server just before. It didn’t help for the access. Now I restart the service with fwconsole. That seems to make a difference. Everything seems to be working now…
Can someone explain to me on what is going on with my server.

I’ve configured it out…no server hacked. It’s my gateway IP address. My ISP accidentally switch my account to dynamic IP address. As the result, my IP address was changed. The original IP address that was setup in the firewall became invalid. The firewall was doing it’s job blocking this changed IP address. It’s all good now. Sorry for the rage.

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Happy end so.

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