Unable to access Microphone on http sites

To implement sip client on my web application I had used SIPML5.

My extension is register over http via ws://ipaddress:8088/ws.

But unable to establish call, When I try to establish call it showing error “Media stream permission denied”. And unable to enable microphone for the http site.

My web application is running on Apache Tomcat, I had enabled https on locally, Same extension is unable to register with asterisk.

For this case what are the requirements needs on both side (FreePBX server and My Web application) ?

Chrome has to connect to a valid ssl site with a valid certificate

Thanks for your quick reply Andrew Nagy.
Extension is register with HTTP, but it’s not register with HTTPS.
Is Call doesn’t work with HTTP ?

If we need the valid certificate means, it needs for both sides ? I mean FreePBX and my web application, both are needed Valid certificate ?

In my freepbx I had used self signed certificate, Is it enough or it’s also needs the valid certificate ?

Please correct me if I’m wrong (I’m old, so I don’t remember goodly anymore), but weren’t there problems like this when using the ‘WS:/’ service but were OK with the ‘wss:/’ service?

Thanks for your reply Dave Burgess.

It’s failed to connect with server, When I tried to connect by wss://ipaddress:8089/ws. (Unable to register the extension)

Can you suggest me, for work with WSS , what are the settings needs to be considered ?

Look back through the forum for “wss”. There was a really long series of discussions about “ws” vs. “wss” protocol and what you needed to get them working. It’s not simple - you are in a deep magic zone with this stuff and are likely to need to do a lot of research to understand this.

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