UK Ringing Tone


I’ve been struggling for a day now trying to get a UK ring tone when a caller rings into my new FreePBX system.

We originally had a VoipNow box, when a user calls that box we get a UK ring tone, which I think is “400+450/400,0/200,400+450/400,0/2000”.

We built a FreePBX box, same SIP trunk, same handsets and we get a US/International ring tone (440+480/2000,0/4000). As in the ringing tone the inbound caller hears, not the “mechanical” ring tone the ringing handset makes.

In indications.conf we have


description = UK
ringcadence = 400,200,400,2000
dial = 350+440
specialdial = 350+440/750,440/750
busy = 400/375,0/375
congestion = 400/400,0/350,400/225,0/525
specialcongestion = 400/200,1004/300
unobtainable = 400
ring = 400+450/400,0/200,400+450/400,0/2000
callwaiting = 400/100,0/4000
specialcallwaiting = 400/250,0/250,400/250,0/250,400/250,0/5000
creditexpired = 400/125,0/125
confirm = 1400
switching = 400/200,0/400,400/2000,0/400
info = 950/330,0/15,1400/330,0/15,1800/330,0/1000
record = 1400/500,0/60000
stutter = 350+440/750,440/750

Asterisk CLI shows

CLI> indication show
Country Description

uk UK

So everything looks right.

After reading the forums, theres lots of posts of people saying the ringtone is set on the handset, but I think this is a misunderstanding of the ring= and cadence= settings.

Has anyone successfully got the inbound ring tone to be UK?

Incidently, changing "callwaiting = " for example, does have an audible effect.
Just the ring= seems to be ignored. Perhaps this isn’t even the right setting?

Mini update to my woes;

I have a ring group with a DDI set.

  1. I set one or more valid extensions in this ring group, ring the DDI and I get a US ring tone.

  2. I remove the valid extensions from the ring group and set an invalid one, ring the DDI and I get UK ring tone.

I’m amazed I can get a UK tone! But I can’t get the ring group to ring valid extensions AND have a UK tone.

It suggests something is overwriting the UK settings at (maybe) extension level? Is that possible?