[--uid --pwd ] showing up in __provisionAddress__ variable in Endpoint Manager

We’ve found on the last few installs that we’ve done with FreePBX and Endpoint Manager that with the Cisco SPA phones that we use, the __provisionAddress__ variable is adding [–uid --pwd ] to the beginning of that variable. For instance, when the spa<MAC>.xml file is created for each CiscoSPA phone in the /tftpboot directory, we will see an output like this:

<Profile_Rule ua="na">[--uid --pwd ] tftp://$MA.xml</Profile_Rule>

We’ve worked around the issue by doing this:


<Profile__Rule ua="na">__provisionAddress__/spa$MA.xml</Profile_Rule>

Entry needs to be modified to this:

<Profile_Rule ua="na">tftp://__destination__/spa$MA.xml</Profile_Rule>

But now we’re seeing an issue exactly the same as this one:

The original poster in the post above changed the provision address to a FQDN, but we’re running these PBXes on internal networks and that’s not something that we are excited about doing at all our sites. Why is the [–uid --pwd ] entry showing up?

This doesn’t seem to happen on PBXes that we have single network interfaces on, but only on PBXes where we have multiple network interfaces.

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