UI User Management


I’m here trying to explore various options available to UI User management, currently under Advanced Settings > Authorization Type is “usermanager”.

There are options to select database & webserver, but couldn’t find enough information on the same.

Are there any options where we can integrate with OAuth or Azure AD for users to login to PBX UI?
How can this be achieved ?

Also, is it possible to set password complexity rules for the UI users, like the ones listed below for security reasons

  • used need to have a password with minimum 10 characters, including numbers, special characters.

  • reset password after first login

  • Expire password after X days

  • User unable to reuse last 3-4 passwords while trying to reset

Hi @jcolp ,
Can you please help/suggest on the query?

No? I don’t work on FreePBX.


Yes. This feature is in User Management in 15 and 16

The first two are pretty much the same feature. None are currently supported and would be great additions. Feel free to file a feature request for each https://issues.freepbx.org/

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