UI Team Wants To Donate Skins

Hi All,

I’m a UI designer that works on enterprise class projects for some major brands.

We use FreePBX at work and would like to give back a bit as we feel the current look/feel could be improved a lot.

I’m wondering two things:

  1. Is there a source file for the Flash Operator Panel? We’d like to make it look a bit better and be more inline with the visuals from the site.

  2. I can’t find any documentation on how the interface is stored in FreePBX, where should we start?


well your timing is great because I just modified 2.9 for this very purpose.

As far as documentation, that is unfortunately lacking though hopefully some of the pioneers working on this can help to improve upon that.

Bas (on this forum) posted a great start of a design that he put forward on this thread:


I used that plus some other information as a basis to create the configurable settings that would allow one to implement a skin like this and used this for testing. The way it has been done, and with the new changes to the freepbx_conf settings (was amportal.conf, now in db), it would be fairly straight forward to make a very simple module that could install a new skin and upon removing, would reset it.

If you load up 2.9 (which would be from svn though I’m hoping to be days away from rolling a 2.9 alpha tarball) you can go to the advanced settings page (on the tools bar or a link in the general settings page) where you can see the parameters available to style/brand it.

The settings that were added are under “Styling and Logos” (you may have to bump up the ‘level’ at the top:

Legacy Right Logo:
Primary CSS Stylesheet:
Optional Additional CSS Stylesheet:
Alt for Footer Logo:
Alt for Left Logo:
Alt for Right Logo	:
Hide Header Menus: True/False	
Hide Right FreePBX Version: True/False
Hide Right Logo: True/False
Image: Footer:
Image: Left Upper:
Link for Footer Logo:
Link for Left Logo:
Link for Right Logo:
Image: Right Upper:
Hide Nav Background: True/False
Image: Reload Screen:
Image: shadow-side-background.png:

The internal names for these, which are mostly found in views/freepbx.php, and a few in views/freepbx_admin.php and views/freepbx_reload.php:


If you want to contact me offline about this PM me and I can see how I might be able to help you get started. Giving FreePBX a facelift is on our desired list. We are also looking to take it a step further and see what may be necessary to make bigger changes such as all navigation on the top as an option. That is still work in progress (mbrevda has been looking into that). But this is what we have for now and the thought was by enabling this ability it would spur folks like yourself to bring their creative talent to the project, since many of us fairly active types are not quite up to par in the design and artistic arena…

I would really love this…
I can’t see it in the current 2.10 freepbx … ?
It would be great to be able to do this…

Is this dead ?