UCP XMPP in Chrome

Purchased XMPP module.
Am I not able to do XMPP chat in User Control Panel with Chrome?
I read that Google was dropping support for XMPP.
The XMPP icon doesn’t appear like it does in IE and Firefox


XMPP has nothing to do with chrome or Firefox directly. You are thinking of Google voices use of XMPP. XMPP is a chat interface using jabber. Google used XMPP in their implementation of Google voice but the module in freepbx (XMPP) has nothing to do with that

Ok, thanks.

User Control Panel in Chrome for my user looks like this:

Same user in Firefox or IE looks like this:

So in Chrome I have the webrtc app but no XMPP, in Firefox and IE I have xmpp but no webrtc.

Why would that be?