UCP web phone tablet issues


I’m setting up a system for lan voip communications and chose to go with freepbx since it’s a powerhouse.
The idea is that there will be tablets in kiosk mode that can connect to the freepbx server so voip is possible between different tablets on a lan. I noticed the the ucp has a phone built in, which is awesome for this purpose because I can simply wrap it in an electron app and use it in kiosk mode.
However, when doing this some issues arised with the webrtc softphone.

  • On the tablet, when you select the phone icon, no phone appears. The icon just gets highlighted. You can easily reproduce this by opening the developer tab in chrome and changing the website to tablet mode. You’ll notice that you cannot make the phone appear… I saw on this forum that someone logged a similar issue, but it never got solved: community.freepbx.org+t+sng7-webrtc-ucp-phone-in-chrome-on-android+59816(I replaced the ‘/’ with a ‘+’ because I have a new account and cannot post links)
    The only errors in the web console is that some parts of bootstrap cannot be imported, but I do not think that’s the issue since the same errors appear on the website on a desktop and the phone works there…

  • On the tablet I seem to have issues with hearing sound and transmitting sound. I do hear the ringer, but once I accept the call all the sound is gone. I enabled all the sound & microphone permissions in the browser. When doing the same test between a browser on the desktop and a non webrtc phone on the tablet, everything works fine.

Some side information:
I’m using self signed certificates and do know that you need to use the https version of the site to have the softphone work. When using the webrtc phone on a desktop computer, everything works fine. I can perfectly make calls between webrtc softphones or between a webrtc softphone and a sip softphone.

I’m quite lost here and hope that you can help me or atleast point me in the right direction.
Looking forward to any of your replies!
Kind regards


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