UCP Voicemail/Recordings dies not work on iPhone and iPad

Hi, we have updated to Asterisk 13 and it is a way smoother gui. Especially love the new UCP and its HTML5 implementation. Works great on windows PCs and Android devices. However, it is not that great on iPhones and iPads.

When I go to UCP->Voicemail and try listening to any of the messages, it just spins the wheel and go into offline mode.

I searched the issue on the web and have not found much. In one of the articles about 13 Beta, The author stated that the voicemail playback is not functional through iPhone/iPad due to some licensing issue, but in the next sentence he said not to worry as there is a way, but requires manual setup… But this way is not discussed in the article and i did not come across it in my further searches. Hence, i am here, where the answers are always lurking in the background…

So, please, if anyone knows how to get the iPhone/iPad message playback working through UCP, I am asking for help.

as a background. I have updated the system a few days ago, it is up-to date and has zero warnings or concerns. I have compiled and installed FFMPEG 2.5 package with including faac, accenc, x264 and few others.

Thanks for any help,


Go to the Admin Dashboard. Look for the warning about HTML5. Is there a warning there?

I did not have any warnings for a while now, but just now I have the HTML5 warning. It says

You are missing support for the following HTML5 codecs: m4a. To fully support HTML5 browser playback you will need to install programs that can not be distributed with FreePBX. If you’d like to install the binaries needed for these conversions click ‘Resolve’ in the lower left corner of this message. You can also safely ignore this message but browser playback might not work in your browser.

I have compiled/installed newer ffmpeg-3.0.2 and did fwconsole reload… I still have the iPad problem. The warning as above have disappeared for a minute, but it is back now.

Ffmpeg does not do m4a without the right codecs. Please follow the wiki article that is mentioned in the warning message.

I am pretyt sure I did, but I will doublecheck. Thanks

Perhaps the article mentioned in the warning has changed. It does not offer any insights on the issue of ffmpeg not supporting the mp4a format. I did install sox, ogg, lame. I did download and compiled ffmpeg as it described on their page to which the article points at the bottom. At this time the warning is no longer displayed. IPhone still has the same issues as before.

I’m pretty sure you still don’t have m4a installed since you haven’t changed anything and it was an issue previously.

I have googled for ffmpeg with mp4a support and found thi that i should compile with this option.

./configure --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-nonfree --enable-libfdk-aac

I did not have libfdk-acc option before nor have it installed, so I will get this done and see how it works

That did not fix it,

I had to git clone fdk-acc and compile install it in order to satisfy the above ./configure requirement. make clean, make distclean, make, make install, fwconsole reload.

Android phone works fine, Chrome browser under Windows 10 works fine as well.
However, iPad still just spinning wheel and goes offline as before.

I just checked on our internal system. It works fine from my iPhone.

Reload? Are you sure that’s going to be enough? Since you’re adding ffmpeg to the mix, I don’t know if you shouldn’t restart.

No sure. I was hoping it is enough. I will reboot a bit later after the office closes.

I have yet again recompiled the FFMPEG with these options

./configure --enable-gpl --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-nonfree --enable-libfdk-aac --enable-libfaac

I do not see the HTML5 warning in the Dash. iPad still does not work.

Can you tell me the options you have used for ffmpeg config? Do I need to reboot the server?

Is it even ffmpeg issue or do i just need to install some other package?

Ok, it is all fixed now.

I did not have lame installed.

yum install lame

fixed the problem. iPad works now. i did not need to reboot the server.