UCP / User Manager > Primary extension not available if additional extensions set

I am running into an issue where if I give a user access to additional extensions in UCP, they lose access to their primary extension. Is this expected behavior? I note that with groups, there is the option to add “User Primary Extension” to the list (included by default, I believe), but this option is not available when editing a user. It isn’t terrible to work around it and explicitly add the user’s extension to the list, but that also means that if the user’s primary extension changes, the permissions don’t automatically follow.

Am I missing something here? Is this a bug, or is it the expected behavior?

You need to add ALL extensions. If you don’t add the primary linked one then they won’t have it. Not a bug.

Okay, thanks. It is a bit confusing, because if none are added, then the primary extension is available, but if a secondary one is added, then the primary one is not available anymore.

That is because a group has “self” in it.

Maybe I am not understanding. The Groups interface makes perfect sense to me; it is the interface for the individual users that does not. For most of my users, they only have access to one extension, and it is not shown under the user’s UCP settings (Edit User > UCP > Miscellaneous > Allowed Extension Settings); there are no extensions listed there. If I add an extension there, however, they lose access to their primary extension unless I explicitly add it back. That is the part that seems confusing. If it functioned like it does with Groups it would make sense to me.

Am I not understanding something here?

Yes you seem to be lost. If you add anything to a select box (thats a select box technically) at the user level then it overrides the group level. At the group level you have “self” selected there. When you add something at the user level, even 1 thing it does not combine it overwrites therefore that 1 thing will be the only thing unless you add others

Ah, I think I understand. The missing piece that wasn’t clicking is that “self” was coming from the “All Users” group, which is added to a new user by default. This seems a bit confusing; maybe I will submit an improvement ticket to add some additional guidance in the “Users” section of the “User Manager.”