UCP "Unconditional" forwarding not working

I recently upgraded to FreePBX 16 and I am attempted to guide my users on using the User Control Panel.

I’m observing a problem with it though, that under Call Forwarding, the “Unconditional” option does not appear to have any effect. My expectation is that if that’s turned on, it will always immediately forward the incoming call to the target number. But…

  • With “Unconditional” turned on, the deskphone rings, and eventually ends up in my PBX voicemail
  • With “Unavailable” turn on, the deskphone rings, and eventually is forwarded to my cell phone instead of going to voicemail
  • With both “Unconditional” and “Unavailable” turned on, the behavior is the same as if only “Unavailable” is turned on

I haven’t tested “Busy”

What could be causing it to ignore the “Unconditional” setting?

Thank you!

that your erstwhile forward number is not terminated by # ?

Not sure what you mean by that. But forwarding works as expected for “Unavailable” but does not work at all for “Unconditional”, using the same numbers.

I figured it out. I think because I was calling from the same number I was forwarding to, it confuses it in some way and doesn’t immediately forward. Calling my line from any other number causes it to immediately forward via Unconditional.

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