UCP to my CRM

Hello, Its maby a strange question, but is there a way i can export the UCP phone to my CRM?

I Tried JSSip, but I cant receive calls, I can only call to some one.

And I dont see any logs inside the JSSip or Asterisk that saying some thing about the calls i try to receive.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you mean “Zulu” phone, right?

What CRM are you using?
Have you looked at the Sangoma CRM package for interfacing phones with CRM systems?

The answer will eventually be “Yes”, but with the little bit of information you’ve provided (like there are no version numbers or that you are actually using FreePBX) nor are there any logs showing what is and isn’t happening, it’s going to be a long process for us to eventually guess what you are doing…

Thanks for the reply,
After the checks, FreePBX cant work good with JSSIP, and the fix is using SIPJS.

Now working well :slight_smile:

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