UCP superuser: Easy way to select all extensions


I’m creating a new user for UCP access. This user is for management, and needs access to all extensions for voicemail, cdr, etc.

In the new interface in the User Management Module, it looks like I have to select every extension individually. Is there a way to select all extensions for a UCP user? I have over 200 extensions, and multiple conferences and queues, and I’m hoping I don’t have to click 600 times to setup all extensions for this user.

Thank you

If you are talking about adding in User Manager, you can click “Space” and then “Enter” it will auto enter the next extension. But you’ll have to do that 200 times for each setting until you finished adding all…

However, i think you’ll have a harder time adding the Voicemail boxes in UCP.
In the old UCP if you had access to more than one Voicemail Box, you had a drop down which allowed you to choose which Voicemail Box you want to access, with the new UCP you have to add each VM Box… Which isn’t easy and will fill up your tab. I’d file a feature request to fix that.


I’ll try my 600+ mouse clicks, and decide which feature request is most urgent.

I see now that bulk handler supports User manager. You can probably do it there… (Much easier to do in excel)

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