UCP status change DND

hi all,

I have following problem on FreePBX ucp. when i change status to DND, it has no affect, the extension is still ringing. I have tried different versions of freepbx 13, but the problem is same. checked from cli, if status change activates DND with command “database get DND XXX” but the result is “Entry not found”.

If i enable DND directly from UCP ->EndpointSettings, it works as expected.

can you please help on this.


What you are setting is “Presence State”. The user gets to choose what happens when they set their Presence to DND (or any other setting). When logged into UCP, click the Presence menu and you will see options like this:

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i have tried different settings in Presence States, now Away and DND are set to DO NOT Disturb.

This only works if you have a license for restapps.

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in the Module Administration I have found only Phone Apps , is this the same ?

Yes. Phone apps. It must be licensed. Eg paid for.

thanks i will try this

hi, can anyone confirm that if i purchase and activate Phone Apps Module. status change to Do Not Disturb in UCP will also change DND status in asterisk extension.