UCP sound track controls won't work

UCP Call History play button on the call track won’t work.
DevTools explorer and asterisk cli show the response:

Command 'file convert /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/temp.1485779400671.sln48 /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/temp.1485779400671.ulaw' failed.
[2017-01-30 16:01:50] WARNING[4714]: translate.c:481 ast_translator_build_path: No translator path: (starting codec is not valid)
[2017-01-30 16:01:50] WARNING[4714]: file.c:247 ast_writestream: Unable to translate to format pcm, source format slin48

I’ve reinstalled asterisk by asterisk-version-switch, but this didn’t help.

My build number is: 10.13.66-17
Asterisk version: 13.13.1

Somebody posted about this last Monday, IIRC.

I don’t remember the exact solution, but it has something to do with one of the packages not getting installed correctly.

Hopefully, someone with access to Google or the “Search” icon at the top of the page can help.

It was me who posted in that thread with the same issue, but no one responed.

I know I saw a thread about this where the solution was to update one of the packages in the system because it wasn’t installed as part of the upgrade.

I don’t remember which package it was, maybe @tm1000 Andrew or @xrobau Rob will remember.

It was suggestion to reinstall asterisk itself, so I did, but this didn’t help. Maybe someone should read the topic description, then answer. But thanks for your answer.

You have a corrupt version of the sln codec.

Thank you. How do I fix it? Do you have any idea? I’ve just upgraded asterisk, but the problem is still there.

Unfortunately the only fix we know of is reinstalling asterisk. Which you did. If that doesnt work for you we are out of theories at this time.

Okay, finally I found out what the problem was.
asterisk-resample package was missing for some unknown reason.

So I installed it by:
yum install asterisk13-resample

and voila it works! Hahaha :grinning::smile_cat:

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Wait… what!!

As a matter of fact :wink:

This might also fix this? http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-13645

I used this feature a long while ago, so I didn’t notice whether there was such an issue.
But now I am not experiencing any problems with .wav uploading and playing (just have tried that).

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