UCP Softphone not registering because of wrong password


after updating from version 15 to 16, the softphone in the UCP does not register anymore.

404[2022-09-29 09:18:28] VERBOSE[14460] res_http_websocket.c: WebSocket connection from '' for protocol 'sip' accepted using version '13'
405[2022-09-29 09:18:28] NOTICE[14460] chan_sip.c: Registration from '<sip:[email protected]>' failed for '' - Wrong password

Other softphone clients like linphone are working. Also the sangoma hardphones are working.
Where do I have to look for further information? Everything else seems to work as expected.

I found this thread:

If I add


to sip_custom.conf it is still not working with another error:

1337[2022-09-29 09:45:36] WARNING[27177] res_http_websocket.c: WebSocket connection from '' could not be accepted - no protocols out of 'sip' supported

Disabling sip completely is not possible because I need that protocol for some other extensions (speaking of jigasi for jitsi server)

I have not changed the configuration in the meantime, but it is working again. Maybe some kind of bug?

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