UCP shows wrong CDR if call was picked up


an incoming call to an extention a1 is pick up by an extension a2 - the call takes 10 seconds.

The CDR report inside UCP (user control panel)…
… from extension a1 shows this call with the duration of 10 seconds. But extension a1 didn’t taken this call!
… from extension a2 shows this call with the duration of 10 seconds. This is fine.

In my opinion, the CDR-report from extension a1 should not show this record - or show this record with duration “0” or “pickedup” … but not like a normal, taken call.

Is there a possibility to change this behavior?


I don’t think you can do anything. Try to use trust rpid option to see if this will change anything.

It seems to me that you need to use CEL for this. My experience with CDR is that what you are describing is exactly how CDR should work - the call comes in for a1 and is logged as such. When the call is actually picked up by a2, it is being handled by a2, but the original call for a1 needs to tracked…

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