UCP portal can only see last 7 days of call recordings. Admin portal can see all call recordings

What the issue is.
-Call Recordings only go back 7 days in UCP

What happened?
-Restored from backup to new server in January.

What did you expect to happen?
-I can see all Jan/Feb call recordings using the commercial call recordings app, but only the last 7 days in UCP.

What you did leading up to the issue?
-restored from backup to exact same distro

Can you repeat the result?
-Yes. Happens with all users, even newly created users.

How can others repeat your result
-I’m not sure.

What software versions are you using?
-AsteriskNow 13.0.193

Call recording modules are all up to date. Commercial Call recording module is installed and working. Calls are being recorded and can be accessed via Admin portal.

Call recordings doesn’t have a ucp module.

Let me clarify. UCP does and is currently allowing access to call recordings.

After restoring to a new server, I can only go back 7 days via UCP.

Prior to the migration, I could use UCP to access call recordings without any limitation as to how far back I could go.

Can you access call recordings/call details older than 7 days in CDR?

Yes sir. And I can access all the call recordings using the Call Recordings Reports module.

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