UCP panel doesn't playback with Media URL could not be loaded

Freepbx was manually version is 12, all the modules are updated. Can’t play calls using jplayer, wav download works like a charm.

Media URL could not be loaded.

This link that jplayer uses

Doesn’t work, while changing format to wav - results in correct .wav download. But jplayer requires ogg - so it doesn’t work!

I’ve read in some thread that tm1000 told that the recordings should be converted to ogg but how and when this happens? Should i manually convert all my recordings to .ogg format??

Or maybe some part of freepbx is missing on my installation?

The conversion is done when you view the page or when you try to listen to a file. if the oggs arent there then it’s a permissions issue.

I did check /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and all the subfolders (2015/02/09 etc.) and they all are owned by asterisk user and group with full rights (for the owner at least).

What else is to be checked? Thank you for the reply!

Dear tm1000, please give any hints or suggetions on why automatic conversion does not occur? File restrictions are correct. Maybe some php module is still missing but i need to know what scripts are responsible for that to run it manually and test. Thanks.

Do you have sox installed?

tm1000 thank you a lot! Installing sox resolved the issue.

I realize these things don’t happen when you install AsteriskNOW, but when you need to remotely bring up freeepbx on some virtual machine which is allready running it could cause some trouble.