UCP Node won't install - FreePBX13 and Asterisk 13

Whether I try to install UCP Node from module admin or ssh I keep getting errors. From the module admin I see

There is no process by that name
* Reset counters for application
* @method update
public function reset($name) {
$name = $this->cleanAppName($name);
$out = $this->getStatus($name);
if(empty($out)) {
throw new \Exception(“There is no process by that name”);
$this->runPM2Command("reset ".$name);
6. Exception
5. FreePBX\modules\Pm2 reset
4. FreePBX\modules\Ucpnode startFreepbx
3. FreePBX\modules\Ucpnode install
2. module_functions _runscripts

  1. module_functions install
  2. include

any ideas?