UCP Node is not running

After upgrading a system from 6.11 to 10.13.66-11, the UCP Node service won’t start. I’ve been through the steps to remove and reinstall NodeJS and UCPNode, but the problem persists.
During the upgrade process, permission issues were created. I had to CHOWN fwconsole to 777 in order to fix/repair the other permissions with fwconsole chown
The upgrades were installed in sequential order, skipping none.
UCPNode is at 13.0.22
fwconsole stop/start ucpnode results in "UCP Server Failed:"
I don’t see a ucp_out.log file in /var/log/asterisk
Also, as an aside, I’ve done three of these upgrades now and in each case the big upgrade to 10.13.66-1 left the asterisk service set to not start at boot.