UCP New User/Password Reset Email Wrong Protocol/Port

Hey All,

I am noticing that UCP new user emails and password reset emails contain https in the url and then specify the non-secure port that I specify in port management. If I specify port 81, 80, etc, my browser chokes on accessing a secure protocol using an insecure port. I tried disabling the non-secure port in port management but then I get this:

To login to the following services:

    User Control Panel: [https://pbx.mydomain.com:disabled]https://pbx.mydomain.com:disabled

Password Reset Link (Valid Until: 10:21:49 AM):

I am at the latest modules that could possibly have something to do with this functionality:
Framework (
User Mangement (
Sysadmin (13.0.67)

I wish it would choose to publish the secure ports if specified and then the https protocol in the URL would be happy. If others have similar problems, I will submit it as a bug but I didn’t want to fire it off without asking around first in-case I was causing this somehow.


I apologize for the UCP link being formatted automatically, I forget how to avoid that in the post.

@tm1000 I think we need to let users pick what URL they want sent to users when their account is created and reset password request is made.

As each customer may have different requirements. The default can be https if setup and http if not but allowing the admin to control which one as a override would help here.