UCP - Need access to all User Extensions & Devices

I can’t figure out how to view history for:
a) multiple extensions registered to a phone.
b) multiple devices/extensions linked to a users account.


You would enable those in the User Management module. Tick off the extra check boxes in assigned additional extensions and CDRs.

Actually, I have. How do I make them show up in UCP?

You are reporting bugs about call history in UCP so I assume you have this working correctly.

Not sure what you mean. Are you confusing my question with the UCP “improvement” suggestion I submitted?

I am not confusing anything. I think you need to clarify this thread better.

Are you talking about user and device mode or pjsip?

Some how we got off the track. I am asking about the UCP, mostly History. When I click on History, I get prompted for my extension (310). On that device (310) I also have another extension (410). Question 1: How do I see that history? Also, 2: In my User profile I have other extensions on other devices checked. How do I see those histories?

I need to see a screenshot of your configuration in User Manager. We already answered this. But please attach the screenshot.

Have you actually seen multiple devices/extensions checked in the the User module show up in UCP?

Yes. That is how we programmed it. Correction. That is how I programmed it. That said please show me your FULL screen setup in User Manager. There is an area that says “CDR”, scroll down the page in Usermanager, you need to check the additional extensions in there.

Darn, I hate looking like an idiot. Is it possible that I set up my User Module before the additional functionality was added at the bottom of the page. I have no memory of seeing those features and have had no occasion to make changes to the User Module for ages and unless one is using a big monitor, the lower page can be easily missed.

I will set them up and try them out. Thanks for your help.

This has been there for at least 3 months (for CDR). The rest has been there for 8 months

Andrew, as you suspect, it works great. The only the primary extensions were checked in my CDR section so since all the user extensions are now checked by default when added above, I defiantly set up my user module before your excellent additions.

Thanks again for the help

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Perhaps CDR should be called “Call History” to match what is in UCP