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I have created a UCP user and assigned call Event and call history of other extensions to this users. Now this user can see other extensions call history but in call event it showing his own call records.

FreePBX 14

Please help


Did you add the widget for each extension?

You would be better off in going to User Management, and give that user Admin only access to the CDR module, and making the CDR page their main page which loads up when the log in. Instead of logging in via the UCP, they log in through the Admin page.

Yes… But in other widget , I see my call records too.

I see. This appears to be a bug. Please report it: issues.freepbx.org

CDR shows calls for each account:

CEL shows the same data for all 3 accounts:

Let me do it.

Open ticket here

thanks… I have submitted a bug.

I have enabled recording in Inbound routes but when Operator transfer calls to remote server still call records going on. Can I stop it when Operator transfer call it.


Set call recording to never on the outbound route.

Thank You

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