UCP-Login with ActiveDirectory User does not Work

Hello Everybody

I have a problem with the UCP. I have set the User Manager to get the Users over AD from my Domain-Controller, whitch works. I also set the access-rights to the UCP for the User to true. But i cant login to the UCP.
No matter what i input as Username (username as it shows in UserManager, domain\username, [email protected]) i always get an “Invalid Login Credentials”-Error back. I searched in the Internet, but couldn’t find anything.

Does anybody uses the UCP with AD-Authentication? What is the correct Username-Style? Are there some settings, whitch need to be adjusted?

Thank you for your help

Remo Stirnimann


just use the username without any prefix or suffix.
I use AD auth and it works very well.

when you use AD for UCP, are you able to restrict user login?
I mean 1 AD account only for 1 login session. I want to know whether the UCP prevent multiple logins from the same account or not