UCP login issue

I searched and have looked in the documentation.

I know that the UCP login is now “controlled” by “User Manager”, correct?

The screen I see in User Manager does not have a password field.

There is:
primary linked extension

There is no password field as described in the documentation:

What is the type of your directory? Some dont support editing passwords.

I believe “Asterisk Voicemail”

You can’t set a password for Asterisk Voicemail it uses the voicemail password.

ok, but the voicemail password doesn’t work. I get invalid login credentials.


So, no current work around?

The fix is in the ticket I posted.

ok, got it.
that worked.

Upgrading to the edge version worked for me too, but guys its October already, this really should be in the stable package. Finding our UCP logins all broken was an unpleasant surprise even for those of us who update infrequently to avoid these issues. Please make .28 stable so others avoid this.

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