UCP Issues and Extension update issues in V13

Migrating a customer to a new server, so figured why not move them to V13 in the process (have it running in a few places with great luck).

Straight V13 Distro with EPM. UCP, and System admin. Updated to .6 of V13 in System Admin. All module updated.

Two issues I am finding:
a. Importing extensions with Bulk Handler. On maybe half the extensions the Voicemail settings did not import. When editing each extension (almost 50 total) that did not correctly import VM, I would put the setting in (activate VM, password, email, etc) and hit submit - I would then pull up that extension and the values were still not there. The second time I input the VM values and hit submit, it took the settings just fine. I verified (painstakingly) that I always hit the submit button and not the reset button.

b. EPM / UCP device settings. We use EPM and UCP on all PBXes. We are used to going to the extension list in EPM and hiting the “UCP Customized Entries” button for each user, so that we can customize their Yealink T46 buttons. When we pull the UCP custom entry screen up, make button map changes and hit save, we receive the error “Whoops\Exception\ErrorException” in the top right and it never saves. We then create a UCP account for the user and attempt to edit the device in UCP. After logging into UCP and making all the button map changed in UCP Device Management, we hit submit and reboot (this saves the data and reboots the phone) - UCP tell us “Working offline” in a gray bar across the top of the screen.

I know we probably need to provide some debug data, but I am not wise to how to obtain and provide that data.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you open bug reports at issues.freepbx.org for these. Please open seperate tickets for each item.